COVID-19 Community Response Hub/ Unit in Derby & Derbyshire

COVID-19 Outbreak

Briefing on Council COVID-19 Community Response Hub/ Unit in Derby & Derbyshire

What are the Community Response Hubs/ Units?

In partnership with the local voluntary sector, Derby and Derbyshire County Councils have two fully operational Community Response Hubs/ Units now supporting vulnerable Derby and Derbyshire residents through coordinating local staff and volunteers:

  • They are the primary point of contact for local vulnerable people who need support such as food, medicine and befriending.
  • The Hubs provide support to vulnerable residents who do not have access to a trusted neighbour, friend or family member to help them.
  • The Hubs are also a point of contact for those that want to volunteer and help in their community

Who is eligible?

Any resident of Derby and Derbyshire who needs support and does not have a trusted neighbour, friend or family member to help them. This includes those who are:

  • Extremely vulnerable (those on the Shielded List)
  • Vulnerable (those aged over 70, underlying health conditions, pregnant women)
  • Self-isolating due to the individual or someone in their household being ill with suspected COVID-19.

Note: those on the Shielded list are also eligible for nationally provided support including food parcels. Please check your patient has registered.

What is provided?

The Hubs provide vulnerable residents with a range of community-based support to help them safely through this difficult period including, but not limited to:

  • Shopping and provision of food
  • Collecting and delivering medicines
  • Providing contact and befriending calls to reduce social isolation
  • Support with financial needs (through welfare benefits advice and financial hardship funds).

Getting help

  • Anyone on the Shielded list and who has registered with the Government for help is contacted directly by the Hubs to discuss what help they may need.
  • An individual can register for help with the Hub themselves or a relative, friend, professional can register a vulnerable person on their behalf.

Derby Covid Community Response Hub

Tel: 01332 640000

Open: 9.00am to 6pm – everyday

Derbyshire Community Response Unit

Register using our Online registration form

Or Tel: 01629 535091

Open: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday 9am to 1pm

What do we need to do?

  • If people are identified as the Shielded and protected, please check they have registered for the national service if they need support. If they need support over and above this, please register them with the Derby or Derbyshire Community Response Hub/ Unit.
  • If we identify other people who are vulnerable, have no other support and need help to please register them directly or encourage to them to register for support with the Community Support Hub/ Unit.
  • Please do not send details to individual voluntary organisations. The Hubs are working in partnership with the voluntary sector and coordinating their response. We can also refer to and use GoodSam volunteers if needed.
  • If you have a list of vulnerable people who you think are struggling to meet their basic needs and may not have any support, the Hubs can contact them directly to discuss what support they may need. Please provide:
    • Name
    • Address including postcode
    • Contact Tel no
    • DOB
    • NHS Number (if known)

Email the list to for Derbyshire County residents and
for Derby City residents

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